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 Welcome To The Guardian Isle

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PostSubject: Welcome To The Guardian Isle   Mon 26 Oct 2009, 4:51 pm

Welcome to the Guardian Isle, an island that has 8 territories and let me Tell you about each one.
Land of Fire: A land full of rocky mountains and cave systems. The Kingdom of Fire is located near the middle of the country.
Land of Water: An island that is off the coast near the Land of Earth. This land is (of course) surrounded by water.

Land of Earth: A land that from the middle to near the edge is a lush green forest with a few small villages in and before you reach the Kingdom of Earth (near the edge of the land to the water) there is a grass field with bushes and a few trees. There is also a path that leads from the forest to the Kingdom and back.

Land of Ice: From the opposite side of the Land of Earth, it is nothing but mountains and caves of ice. The Kingdom of Ice is located near the edge of the land to the middle of the island through a passage way.

Land of Energy: A desert with the Kingdom of Energy near the middle of the land. There is no water, no trees, and no food source except for the port a ways away.

Land of Wind: A flat land with tall grass with few bushes and no trees. It isn't hard to miss the Kingdom of Wind ether.

Land of Light: The Kingdom of light is up on the highest mountain. The land of Light surrounds the mountain.

Land of Darkness: The deeps and largest trench. The only 2 ways to get there is through a cave or falling down the edge.

There are other places if you go to the port in the Kingdom of Earth like the Temple,the Guardian tower and the Fort.
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Welcome To The Guardian Isle
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