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 NEW BOOK: Vulgar and Mysterious

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PostSubject: NEW BOOK: Vulgar and Mysterious   Fri 19 Mar 2010, 7:10 pm

I saw a movie last night, Curse of the were-rabbit (from the same people who made chicken run. Yeah yeah, I watched it, I found it to be funny and I like comedy) and I got an idea for a story. Since my book has been slow lately (due to school work I do during spare time or while I'm waiting for post) and I thought this would be a good book to do when I get stuck.

It's about a young man that lives in Kempten, Everland. He is a rich spoiled boy who complains he bored allot of the time. One day while hunting, he comes across a women who is running away from Bandsworth guards. He takes her in and tells people she is his cousin. During her stay with him, there has been mysterious deaths all across Kempten, later he discovers that she is a werewolf and that is why she was running away.

That is what I have so far for the idea of the story, if you have an idea for the story, Iz am happy to hear what u gotz.
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NEW BOOK: Vulgar and Mysterious
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