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 The 4 main characters

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PostSubject: The 4 main characters   Thu 29 Oct 2009, 7:07 pm

There are 4 characters that sometimes I'm going to use cause they are 4 main characters in my book. They will be used on some post or topics but not all the time. I'll give you a brief description and info on them.

Alexander Winters: White hair, blue eyes, and is about 19. He is the Guardian of Energy and Ice and has a bad temper. He some times teaches at the Tower when the person has lightning or energy. He lives in Oakwood forest and some times in town. His pet peeve is annoying people ( in which case he yells....a lot) and his favorite thing to do is training and hang out with Alice. Is an expert with swords and closes combat.

Alice Rina (or Alice Waters): Long blonde hair, pale blue eyes and is about 16 1/2 right now. She is the Guardian of Water and Wind and is very shy. She is the Queen of the Land of Water and teaches other how to heal. She lives in the castle grounds and has a house near the shores. Her pet peeve is others getting hurt ( in which case her she just gets a little angry at you for not being more careful.) and her favorite thing to do is to hang out with Alex or Scarlet and reading. Is an expert with closes range power combat, healing and detection.

Jenny Scarlet: Medium length red hair, dark brown eyes, and is about 17. She is the Guardian of Fire and Earth and is very smart. She is the Queen of the Land of Fire and gathers info on the enemy. She lives in the castle grounds but likes to walk in the mountain once in a while. Her pet peeve is her cousin Jack and when others call her Jenny (in which case she hits you on the head.) and her favorite thing to do is to hang out with Alice and messing with others. She is an expert in long range power moves and interrogation.

Jack Deviant: Black messy hair, green eyes, and is about 18. He is the Guardian of Light and Darkness and is very cocky (smart ass) He lived in many places but he now lives in the Land of Light. He teaches stealth and long range attacks. His pet peeve is Scarlet and not being able to finish his job (in which case he curses and bugs people) and his favorite thing to do is to bug Scarlet and Alex and take walks at night. He is an expert thief and also at long range weapon attacks.

for more info, ask in the question area.
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The 4 main characters
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