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 Fact 1 about the Oru's

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PostSubject: Fact 1 about the Oru's   Fri 23 Apr 2010, 3:18 pm

There are many Oru's and they search for a person to protect. Each Oru is different cause it uses a different type of flame (or even uses an element) The Oru's and their masters are:

Horu the fire dragon- Scarlet

Loru the water dragon- Alice

Boru the earth dragon- Jack

Soru the ice dragon- No one yet

Coru the energy dragon- Nick

Voru the wind dragon- No one yet

Foru the light dragon- No one yet

Doru the darkness (or shadow) dragon- Katie

Moru the soul dragon- Sprite

Noru the spirit dragon- Sprite

Joru the Knowledge dragon- Brianne (aka me)

Zoru the sound dragon- No one yet

Woru the mind dragon- No one yet

Poru the air dragon- No one yet

Roru the plant dragon- No one yet

Yoru the metal dragon- No one yet

Toru the crystal dragon- Lucy

Thoru the lightning dragon- No one yet

Koru the animal dragon and father to all the Oru's- Alex

All the Oru's look the same but are different colours and have different horns then Koru. Koru's look like ram horns cause the point is facing the back but the Oru's are pointing at the front. Also they have different abilities and different colour of flame.
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Fact 1 about the Oru's
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