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 Kyo Asatine

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PostSubject: Kyo Asatine   Sun 02 May 2010, 10:45 pm

Name: Kyo Asatine
Age: 7
Gender: male
Rank: beginner
Class: orphan


Personality: shy, quite, sneaks around allot. Always carries a pack with him that has a book, ink, quill, and a rod which is really a katana. If he finds someone that is interesting to him, he draws them and writes down info, doesn't fight unless you take away his book. when asked anything he ignores you if he is writing or drawing. Most people act like he is not there and some just don't see him. Is very friendly and happy to help, also is fast and quite. some people find him adorable cause...well he is ^.^ Doesn't know when he insults someone.

Power: air and metal
Skills: sneaking & drawing
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Kyo Asatine
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