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 Fort Grounds

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PostSubject: Fort Grounds   Fri 30 Oct 2009, 3:39 pm

The boat arrived at the docks, she saw 3 people waiting at the bottom. 1 was wearing a distinct long red coat with gold trim and an eye patch on his left eye. The one standing to the right had a hood up so she couldn't see his face and the one standing to the left had brown hair and one blue eye and one green eye. "Captain Nicolas Smith and Gavin Dorene." Then she smiled "How you guys been." she looked to the hooded figure, "and who are you?" The boy removed his hood to show pure white hair. "Alex, so you came here." He nodded, "It's been a long time hasn't it." he looked to Zati and squinted, "You look familiar.....mmmm....." His eyes widen, "Zati? You look different." Brianne did a fake cough , "Can we get Jack now."
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Fort Grounds
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