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 My biggest news ever!

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PostSubject: My biggest news ever!   Tue 04 May 2010, 5:27 pm

The most (well one of) wonderful thing was told to me today. Sometime this month, I will be scheduled for an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) so I won't be on much in May. The next month is something I have been waiting for about 5 years, my surgery to reconnect my small intestine to my...well butt. I can finely be closer to my wish, to finely get rid of these disks and bags. I will be gone for the surgery in June 1oth (a week before my youngest brothers birthday) but I have no clue when the MRI will happen. Mom says that I have to have the MRI before the surgery. I am a bit scared of this though. Anyways so if I do not post for a while, it means I am either grounded (which is most unlikely) or I am going to Vancouver. Also my mom might bring the laptop so I might message you guys when I get there.

Till I return, Makai, Trira and Ryo, take care of things while I am gone.

*Huggles you all*

Truly Love~
Brea-chan <3
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My biggest news ever!
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