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 Ryo Sherigin

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PostSubject: Ryo Sherigin   Mon 26 Oct 2009, 10:30 pm

Name:Ryo Sherigin
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: Master(has masterd alot of phionex powers)
Class: Thief, Spy,Fighter

Appearance: See avatar

Personality: Trains Hard, Stubborn but Caring,also a startigist.

Power: Fire,Earth, Animals (Phionex)
Skills: Fight, Cook, Hunt, Spy, Interrogate

History: Was born into a family from to different kingdoms. His father was from The Earth kingdom and his Mother was from the Fire kingdom. They were always on the move because thieves and other Kingdoms wanted what his family had.

His family had this rare technique of controlling the rare birds called Phionexes. At age 10 each phionex user gets a phionex egg for his or her birthday. But in these times the Phionex Guardians as they are known through out the world are almost extinct.

During the war Phionexs were rare and wanted for there tears. As you probably know phionex tears can heal almost every wound or dessise imaginable. After he turned 13 Ryo headed off from his family to try to find a safe haven for them. His phionex Tirele is one of the rare blue fire phionexes and one is born to a mortal every 1000 years. But Ryo has only known Tirele for 1 year now because it took 2 years to hach him and so they have not developed there full potential of moves yet.

3 years later:

After going into hideing when mastermind took control he now owns a teashop near a major port in Everland and has changed his name to Wash and Tirele has been hideing in the forest. His uncle is dead after trying to kill mastermind and so is Shrike. So now Ryo is the head of Sherigin clan and has not seen many of his friends for a while. His sister Noel left when her phionex hached and he has not seen her since. Also he has masterd all most all of the Phionex abilitys.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryo Sherigin   Mon 26 Oct 2009, 10:39 pm

Aproved ^^ good job Ryo
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Ryo Sherigin
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