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 Sony Pictures Entertainment

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PostSubject: Sony Pictures Entertainment   Sony Pictures Entertainment I_icon_minitimeFri 07 Jan 2011, 6:01 pm

Sony Pictures Entertainment

In July 2000, a marketing executive working for Sony Corporation created a fictitious film critic, David Manning, who gave consistently good reviews for releases from Sony subsidiary Columbia Pictures that generally received poor reviews amongst real critics.[38] When the scandal was revealed, Sony apologised to Ridgefield Press, the newspaper Manning was claimed to be from. Sony claimed it was unaware of the marketing ploy, and pulled the ads and suspended Manning's creator and his supervisor. In 2003, Sony paid the state of Connecticut $325,000 in fines following the Connecticut Attorney General's investigation into Sony's alleged fraudulent marketing practices.[39] In August 2005, Sony finalized a settlement to pay $1.5m to fans who saw the reviewed films in the US.[40]

In 2006 Sony started using ARccOS Protection on some of their film DVDs, which caused compatibility problems with some DVD players – including models manufactured by Sony. After complaints, Sony was forced to issue a recall.[41

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Sony Pictures Entertainment
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