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 Beginning of the turnaround

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Beginning of the turnaround  Empty
PostSubject: Beginning of the turnaround    Beginning of the turnaround  I_icon_minitimeFri 07 Jan 2011, 6:53 pm

Beginning of the turnaround
In June 2002, Sony Ericsson announced it would stop making Code division multiple access (CDMA) cellphones for the US market and would focus on GSM as the dominant technology. It also cut jobs in research and development in the USA and in Germany. In October 2003, it posted its first quarterly profit but warned that falling prices on phones and competition would make it difficult to stay in the black. Sony Ericsson's recovery is credited to the success of the T610 model. Although Sony Ericsson no longer makes CDMA cellphones for the global market, they still manufacture CDMA cellphones for Japanese market, mainly for au by KDDI.[citation needed]
Following the success of its P800 phone, Sony Ericsson introduced the P900 at simultaneous events in Las Vegas and Beijing in October 2003. It was pegged as smaller, faster, simpler and more flexible than its predecessor.[10]
In March 2004, Ericsson said it would try to block its rival Nokia from gaining control of Symbian, an industry consortium that made operating software for smart phones.[citation needed]
In 2004, Sony Ericsson's market share increased from 5.6 percent in the first quarter to 7 percent in the second quarter[citation needed]. In July 2004, Sony Ericsson unveiled the P910 communicator with its integrated thumbboard, broad e-mail support, quadruple memory and improved screen.
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Beginning of the turnaround
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