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 Book 3:War for Power

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War for Power
Book 3 in the Guardian
By B.K. Schmidt

I dedicate this book to my good friends and members of my RPG website, the Guardian Wars, Nelson, Alec, Katie, Andrew, Alex, Makai, and Breanne. Thank you guys for joining it so I can type a good book and for being great friends ^.^


"We can't hold them off forever." said a guard who was helping sealing off a door. "They are going to escape again if we don't seal this door." said another guard, "Where is Captain?"
"He is still fending off the prisoners; he said that he was getting out the ones that were supposed to be released today." The captain had went down to the cellar to retrieve the people who were going to be let free till some of the prisoners started to escape. There were a lot of prisoners that had escape and killed many of the guards on duty so now they had defense and weapons and some where ex-murders or rapist or just skilled thieves but the point was that no one could leave and they all had to be put back in there cells.
Down in the cellar, Nick, aka Nicolas Smith the captain of the prison guards, was fighting tooth and nail to get all the people who were going to be released out. “Come on and be quick.” He said, slashing away at the prisoners that attacked him. He was having a hard time fighting them off and making sure that the people got out in one piece.
Nicolas had dark blond hair and green eyes. He wore an eye patch over his left eye, which no one knows why. He wears a white t-shirt and brown pants with black leather boot. He also wears a long burgundy coat that has gold line trim along the edges of the coat and wore brown gloves that had no finger tips.
“Dam it, not another.” He said as he saw that one of the guards was killed. He had brought some guards down with him for reinforcements but most were now dead. Nick got his gut punched and then his ribs were kicked several times by a prisoner. He managed to cut his head off half way but now he had some broken ribs. He held where his ribs were broken and continued to fight off the attackers. “Captain, there is too many. We can’t fight them off.” Said one guard.
“All right then, find as many alive that were supposed to be released and get them out of here. There is some hiding and leave the injured ones alone but tell them to hide till we get this all under controlled.”
“But what about you?” asked the guard.
“I’ll be covering your back till your done then you get yourself the heck out of here and I’ll deal with them.”
“You’re not going to….”
“It is the only way.” Nick said with a sadden heart cause he knew that it might not work or it could kill insist people.
As the soldier took them out the secret passage way, Nick defended him and soon they were out. Nick look back to make sure he was out and closed the passage way. He got punched, kicked, slashed and stabbed as he builds up energy to make his final move. He then released it and all that energy exploded killing all of the attacker at once. Bits of hay were burned and there were a lot of charred dead bodies. Nick crumbled to the ground with a thud as he blanked out. He was covered with sweat and blood and was badly injured.
One of the prisoners crawled out from the shadows. It was a boy about 13 years old. He had white hair and wore ragged dirty clothes. He slowly crawled out and looked to make sure that all the attackers were dead and then walked with a slight limp to Nick. He bent down and looked at him and shook his shoulder a bit but he still didn’t wake up. He saw that he was in a really bad shape but still alive and could probably die if they didn’t come down. He ran limping to the door and banged on it shouting, “HE IS STILL ALIVE, HE IS STILL ALIVE!” in a horsey voice cause he was sick. The doors flew open, knocking him on the ground as guards and solders flew into the room. Some went to were Nick was and some took the injured to the infirmary. The one who got the people out came to him and bent down. “Thank you young boy for informing us. If you didn’t he would have died and what is your name?” the solder seemed nice and look very grateful that he told him that he was still alive cause he knew that him and Nick were friends. “My name is Alex….” He couldn’t finish because his throat was sore that he didn’t feel too well. The solder smiled and said, “My name is Gavin.” He looked through the book where the prison info was and said, “Ah I see, your name is Alexander Winters, right?” Alex nods his head, “It says that you’re in here for stealing but it also says that you have no other family or home and you’re not to be released till 3 weeks from now, umm, but the looks of it, you won’t last that long in your current condition.” He put a hand on his forehead and looks into each of his eyes. “You very ill right now but I’m not completely sure of that, we’ll get you checked out, ok.” He signaled a medic to check out Alex.
Gavin went to another guard, “See him, that boy with the white hair.” He said looking at Alex, “I’m going to look up more info on him. I have a funny feeling there is something about him that is making the king fear him.” He looked back at the guard, “I want to make sure that he is safe and don’t let any harm come to him or you will be in deep trouble, got it, remember the king is up to something really bad right now and he tried to kill Nick just because of that power he has and Nick is the most trust worthy person.”
The guard put his fist to his heart, “I promise.” Everyone liked Nick and respected him and everyone would rather die than let him die. Nick had a strange power that no one knew how to even describe it and before they or the king knew that he had the power, everyone liked him and went they discovered that he had that strange power, the king ordered all the solders and guards to kill him and when they refused, the king almost did but Gavin managed to save him. “All right then, can you bodyguard him till I find out more about him then?” The guard put his hand to his forehead, “I will.”
“Good.” Gavin then walked to where Nick was. He was being put on a stretcher was now being brought to the infirmary as well. “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine Gavin.” Gavin smiled because he knew that voice and he looked up at one of the nurses. She had red curly hair and had brown eyes. Her name was Heather, she was his little sister. She walked to him and with a damp cloth, she dabbed the cuts on his face. He flinched at the touch. “You can take a blow to the face with a knife but you flinch when a cloth touches your face.” She said as she put her hands on her hips. Gavin laughed a bit. “So who is he?” she asked as she pointed to Alex. Gavin look at Alex also being brought to the infirmary with Daniel walking beside him, “His name is Alexander.” He looked back to her, “I don’t know much about him yet but there is something fishy about him. Kind of like the same feeling I had with Nick when everyone knew he had the…..” His sister put a finger on his forehead with her other hand still on her hip, “Gavin,” she said in a warning tone, “remember, just because he might have it doesn’t mean that you treat him like trash.” She then crossed her arms, “You better be nice to him or I’ll have to teach you a lesson in manners.” She said with a raised eyebrow. “I will, I promise” he ruffled her hair a bit and walked to the infirmary.

Gavin was half way there when the consolers approached. “Gavin, we would like to have a word with you.” Gavin bit his lower lip as he and the consolers walked to a bench. They sat on the bench while Gavin keeled before them and bowed. “Yes my loads.” He said with his head still down, “Is something wrong?”
“We heard of the riot that happened and that Captain Nicolas Smith preformed the bomb technique. Is that true?”
“Yes but he did it to save….”
“Don’t worry, we aren’t mad at all, unlike the king, we see a person as a person no matter what they have. We also heard that there was a boy who was brought to the prison for stealing, is that correct too? And if so, please give us some info to make a positive ID to confirm our info that we have.”
“Yes, his name is Alexander James Winters. He is about 13 years old. He has white hair and blue eyes and right now wears just ratty old dirty clothes. Both his parents are dead and has no other family that will that him in so he lives on the streets.”
“Is there anything else, maybe something that you don’t wish to tell us?”
“Sorry, no my loads, that’s all I know.”
“The information that you gave us, confirms a positive ID, Alexander James Winters is the son to Edger Nor Green.”
“Edger, the Guardian of Darkness, he was a legend, a hero. I had no clue that he had…ehh, I mean has a son. Why did he keep it a secret and who is Alex’s mother then?”
“His mother is Jane Amber Green, the Guardian of Wind. As for why he did, we don’t know.”
“Does that mean?” Gavin didn’t finish his sentence.
“Yes it does.”
“But of what, what is he the Guardian of then?”
“We don’t know. We have found and told the Head Guardian and the Elders, they will arrive here in a year or sooner.”
“Then what is to be done in the mean while?”
“You will train the boy in combat till Nicolas has recovered and since he has more knowledge of the Guardians then we do, he will teach the boy all he knows till they come and while Nicolas heals and recovers from his injuries, you will be co-captain for now. ” The consolers stood up and walked away. Gavin stood up and continued to walk to the infirmary.


His head felt like it was going to split in two, he then realized the he was alive. His whole body ached and was sore. Nick tried to look around but still couldn’t see but now had some feeling in his body. He blinked a few times and then he could see that he was in his bedroom and sat up in his bed. One of his arms was in a sling but the other one was just in a bandage. His chest was bandaged and his forehead as well. One of his legs was bandage up a bit pass the knee and was probed up a bit. On the other leg, his ankle and knee and bandage and hurt a bit to move it. He looked to his side table and there were flowers and a meal waiting for him. It was a beef stew with some buttered bread. It was still hot so it was brought in recently. He heard the door creak open and saw Gavin coming in. “So you’re finely awake. You gave us a scare there for a moment.” Gavin said with a smile. Nick chuckled bit stopped because his ribs were still sore. “So how are you feeling?” Gavin said as he sat on a stool he pulled out from under the bedside table. “Better.” He smiled and put a hand on his shoulder, “Thanks friend for saving me.”
“Oh it wasn’t me who did. I thought you died, a young boy told us that you were still alive from behind the door.” Nick looked at him with a surprised look on his face, “Oh and what is his name?”
“His name is Alexander Winters.” Gavin then looked down a bit in sadness, “There is something I need to tell you.” Nick this time didn’t show any sympathy in his face, it was straight and serious looking, “What, what is it?”
“The boy’s history is long and sad. His parents died when he was only 1 and his other family beat him as if he was a slave. They then kicked him out on the streets when he was 8 and was in the prison so many times for stealing and the punishment he got after the time in the prison was just so overboard for what he did, he died 20 times and somehow was able to survive all that and…..”
“He is also a Guardian.” Nick then stopped. “You mean he…”
“Yes, he does, he has the power too.”
“Dear spirits, that boy….who are his parents?”
“Edger and Jane Green, the Guardian of Darkness and the Guardian of Wind.”
“Those two were legends…..I must speak with him now.”
“I’m sorry but you can’t. He is unconscious from his condition and you can’t be walking around too much till you better.”
“I see….so who have they appointed as co-captain till then?”
“Me and the consolers themselves.” Nick smiled but without looking at him, “That’s good, they couldn’t have picked the best person for the job.” Nick looked down in sadness. “What’s wrong Nick?” He looked up, “Oh it’s nothing, I’m just tired is all.” Gavin stood up, “All right then, I have stuff I need to do anyway, get some rest.” And he walked out the door. Nick ate the food and went to sleep.

The past few days, there was nothing that really happened. Alex and Nick stayed in bed and Alex still didn’t awaken yet, Gavin was busy doing regular check of equipment and people, new prisoners arrived and all was well. Gavin in his spare time would check up on Nick and Alex and tried to see what else he could find out about Alex. The only thing that happened was one of the solders is now a father.

Nick was well enough to do small things for now but before he did any of that, he wanted to see Alex.
Alex squinted in the sunlight. He looked around and saw he was in a bed instead of being on the cold hard ground. The bed was warm and cozy, he felt warm as well, probably because he was still a bit sick. He looked at his arms and hands, they were bandaged and his ankle and knee on the leg he was limping on was also bandage. He looked around to see where he was and all he saw was more beds. He sat up and scratched his head. It looked like he was given a bath because his hair was softer and the dirt was gone, he also was wearing light bluish-green pajamas. He moved his ankle a bit and it hurt so he looked around for something to use as a crutch. He saw some in a supply closet but he was a bit too far for them but he got them anyway. He slowly opened the door and looked to see if anyway as there, he turned around to close the door and as he turned and walked forward, he didn’t see where he was going and bumped into someone. He fell on his butt and looked up and saw Nick’s face peering down at him with his arms crossed and he raised his eyebrow. “You’re not well enough to be out of bed, boy.” Alex smiled and laughed a bit, “Oops.” Is all he said. “What were you doing anyway?” He asked as he helped him up to his feet (well really foot since he can’t walk on the other); “I was going to take a walk, what were you doing?”Nick scratched the side of his nose, “I was going to check up on you. So how do you feel?” Alex rubbed his neck, “Fine I guess.” Nick put a hand on Alex’s head and smiled, “I found a report on you, and it says you are a Guardian. I am one too, see.” He said as he pointed to his pendent. Alex looked at him like he was weird. Nick frowned, “Why are you looking at me like that?” he said as he scratched the back of his neck. “You don’t know anything about me; you are probably lying like everyone else does just to make me look like a fool. JUST LIKE THAT GUARD DID AND THE KING AND EVERYONE ONE ELSE I MEET, THEY ARE ALL OUT JUST TO KILL ME!” Alex had a bad temper (and I mean a really bad temper) when ever people through that he had something that he didn’t so he would yell a bit then storm off. Alex forgot that he had a bad leg and had dropped the crutches tried to storm off but when he stepped on the bad leg, he brought it back up in surprise and also tripped. He fell right on his face on the cold hard stone. Nick put his hand his face and shook his head. “You had one bad temper.” Alex slowly pushed himself off the floor, his nose was bleeding and his face hurt (no duh). Nick helped him up to a chair in the hallway and took out a piece of cloth. He dabbed the blood off and told him to press his nose together to not lose too much blood that he would feel light headed. “Sorry….it’s just….” Alex said as he looked down. Nick looked at him, he reminded him of himself went he was younger so he understood. “It’s ok; a lot of people have a reputation of bad tempers.” He laughed a bit, “I have a bad temper too.”
“Hey, I don’t have a bad temper.” Alex also never has admitted that he has a bad temper. That just made Nick laugh more and stopped, “I would never do that, Alex and I don’t think that everyone would. Someday you will find people who will care deeply for you and I, myself, would hate to see you hurt.” Alex tore the piece of cloth in half and stuck the pieces in his nose then crossed his arms with a huff. Nick went to Alex and touched his nose. “Dose that hurt?”
“No.” then he looked away. Nick then flicked him in the nose, “Ow, hey what the….”
“Dose that hurt?” Alex frowned as he rubbed his nose, “Well yeah, of course it does.”
Nick picked him up and put him back in the bed. He also took the crutches and locked the door. Alex flopped down on his bed.
Nick laughed cause he found is so funny, that boys temper, but he also knew that it would get him into a lot of trouble. “Nick, you’re up.” He turned around and saw Gavin, “What were you doing?” He looked at the crutches, “and why do you have those with you?” Nick told Gavin everything, even when he fell on his face. Gavin laughed about that part. “Oh boy, he is going to be a handful, isn’t he?” Gavin said as he crossed his arms. “Yeah he sure is, well I’m going to stand guard here then.” Nick said as he sat down on a chair. “Yeah good idea, we can afford for him to die or get taken. He has kind of the same power as you and if finds out…..”
“Let’s not start thinking about that, there are more out there and it’s our job to keep them safe from him.” Nick sighed as he rubbed his hands together, “We have a lot of work to do with the boy.”
“Remember I train him 1st then you get to.” Gavin crossed his arms. “Right then, back to work.” Gavin strode down the hall where the cellar was. Nick leaned back in his chair and grabbed the amulet around his neck thinking of what power he has. He knew that he couldn’t be the Guardian of Energy cause there hasn’t been one for years, but then again, anything could happen.
Alex heard the conversation through the door. *What the heck is he talking about?* he thought to himself. Alex was suspicious about the King’s guards, he had no clue what they were talking about, what power could he have and who did they have to guard him from? He didn’t want to stay and find out what they meant by training him. He tried to get up but his leg hurt too much to walk on, he was stuck in bed till he was healed but at least it won’t take too long…..he hoped.

Gavin walked to the cellar to check on the prisoners, to make sure they’re all there and for any weapons. Each cell was now numbered and all the prisoner had been chained to the wall by their ankle. Just when he finished, two guards came in and through someone in a cell. Gavin saw that they weren’t from the fort so he walked up to them and said, “Hello, are you dropping someone off or picking up?” One was big and muscular with a bald head and an earring in his left ear. The other guard had a shaved head with a braided red mustache and gold cuffs.
“Both.” One said. “Alright who are you picking up?” Gavin asked as he was writing down the information on the prisoner they had brought in.
“The one with white hair and ratty clothes.” Gavin stopped writing and looked up at them, “Sorry but he is staying with us for the time being.” One of the guards grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and lifted him up in the air, “You will get him now by the order of your king!” Gavin just struggled to get free but he had such a tight grip on his shirt that it was squeezing his neck. Gavin gasped for air but couldn’t. They laughed, “Well I guess you’re no use to us then.” Said the one who as holding him up as he raised his fist. “Put him down.” Said a voice. The guards turned to the prisoner that the though into the cell, “Just leave him or you will get into more trouble with the king.” The guards laughed, “And what are you going to do about it?”
“I’ll mention it in the report.” They turned to see Nick in the doorway. The guards dropped him and Gavin gasped for air. They guards made their way out but not before saying a final word, “The next time we come, he better be given to us.” The guard said pointing a finger at him. “Don’t count on that.” He said with his arms crossed and glaring at them. When they left Nick went to Gavin to help him up. “Are you ok?” Nick said as he put a hand on his shoulder. “Yeah I’m fine.” Gavin said as he held his sore throat. Nick walked to the cell where they put the prisoner. He was sitting on the floor looking at the ground, one knee was up and he rested his arm on it letting his hand dangle. He had very black hair and normal bluish-green eyes. He wore a white shirt, a black over shirt, blue pants, and brown forest boots. What caught Nick’s and Gavin’s eye was what was around his neck.


There was a black stone with small wooden hands on it; it looked like the one that Nick wore but his was a reddish-orange color and the boys was black. “What is your name?” The boy looked up with his head tilted a bit to them, “I’m Jack Deveins.” Gavin looked through the papers, “Found it.” He handed him the paper and Nick read it. “How can you even read with that patch on your eye? It must be hard to read with it on.” Jack said with his eyebrow raised, Nick ignored that and instead said, “So you said your Jack, it says that your one of the thieves from the Guardian Isle.” He looked at Jack, “You’re a long way from home.” Jack looked straight ahead, “Yes, I guess I am.” He said as he looked back with a cocked eyebrow. “Does it say how long I’ll be in here?” Nick looked again to see then Gavin handed him the prison papers that the guards had. “Mmm.” Is all he said. The papers said that Jack was to be imprisoned for 19 months and just for stealing. The king was getting ridiculous with the time that people spent in prison and for minor things as well. “It says 3 months in prison and 10 months of hard work.” Jack laughed, “I’m not stupid, and I know you’re lying about that.” His eyes darted to the paper, “It says 19 months.” He laughed a bit and smiled, “Darn and I was hoping you were right oh well it not like I can’t escape though.” Jack looked at them both putting his hands behind his head, “It’s just too easy.” Both Gavin and Nick looked at each other. “I need to have a word with you.” He said to Gavin.

Jack just messing with people and he knew since they can’t be charmed, he’ll have to go with plan B, just like Brianna said. His eye caught a look at the amulet around the guy with the eye patch’s neck. *Just like she said, hmm, she has yet to be wrong with this.* he thought. Jack stood up and put his hands up on the bars above his head and leaned against his arms so that they saw his hands. The two guards walked away a bit to talk which gave me the perfect chance. One was facing him and the other had his back faced to him and Jack saw his keys. Jack was the master at being, as others called him, a sneaky thief. He has the power of controlling the things like shadows make ether hands, eyes, ears, mouths, or feet. He could also make people see nothing but darkness. He could also control light and with that he could make people blind with the light which is all he knew with light.
He made a shadow hand crawl on the floor towards his back then let it crawl to the keys. He made it look like he was looking outside in a window but he was really just looking out the corner of his eye to see the hand shadow and if they will notice. The hand carefully closed on the keys as to not make a sound and unhooked the keys from the belt. He slowly brought them to him but didn’t pick them up cause then they would see him do so. They walked out and Jack watched as they closed the door. Jack smiled as he bent down and picked up the keys. He twirled them on his finger, “Ha, got them.” He said to himself as he caught the keys. He put them in his pocket and laid on the beach in the cell waiting till night.
“It’s getting dark.” Heather said as she gave Gavin some tea, “You should get some sleep, you look tired.” Gavin yawned “Yeah I feel very tired. I’ve been so busy, I hope Nick heals soon.” She laughed at that part. “So how is Alex doing?” Heather sipped some tea, “He is fine, and I hear what happened with his 1st encounter with Nick.” Gavin laughed a bit, “So you heard too, well I’m going to bed.” She kissed her big brother on his forehead as she stood up. “Good night then.” And she walked back into the fort.

Nick was at his desk, in the Captains room, looking at reports, notifications, and supply lists. He was tired of sitting at his desk, looking at papers. He heard a knock on the door, “Come in.” A guard came in the room, “Captain, captain, someone has escape!” Nick slammed his hands on the desk and pushed himself up, “WHAT, WHEN, WHERE IS THE PRISONER NOW?”
“We don’t know.” Nick cursed under his breath as he pulled on his coat.
Down in the cellar, Gavin yawned as he watched the prison guard, which is on duty at the time, flipping through the prison book to see which one had escaped. Nick came down the steps, “Did you find out who yet?”
“No Captain, not yet.” Another guard was inspecting the cell and seems to have found something. “Captain, I found something!” he handed him his keys.”Captain, this cell is support to have someone named Jack Deveins.” Nick rubbed his chin, “Dam it.” He then checked his belt. “How did he get the keys?” Gavin asked, “I don’t know.”
“Do you think that…?”
“He must be, there is no other explanation.” Nick strode out of the cellar with Gavin behind him.
Back in the Captains room, Nick laid down a map of the fort. He pointed to the cellars “I want some men down in the cellars.” Then traced his finger on the wall, “and some up on the lookout points on the wall.” He then pointed to the forest, “and I want some men searching in the forest, he might have escaped in there.”
“Right.” Gavin went to give out the orders. “And Gavin, you and I are going into the forest as well.”
Gavin nodded and went out as Nick got ready.
Jack peered around the corner in the shadows then quickly stuck his head back because there were some solders that ran by him. “Good they’re leaving.” He ran to the door and pushed it open and ran down the hall because there was no one in the fort right now. He turned down a corridor and came to a large oak door. “Yes.” He said. Jack pushed the doors open.
Alex was watching outside cause he woke up with all the shouting going on. He heard the doors creak open and turned around to see who it was. He saw a boy that had very black messy hair and bluish-green eyes. “Well, well, well, you look like a mess.” Alex blinked in confusion, “What the heck is going on and who are you?” He had some clothes with him and he tossed them to Alex. “Oh come now, you don’t remember me?” Alex slowly shook his head. The boy frowned, “Umm, that fall must have made you get some memory lost…oh well, Brianna will fix that. Oh sorry I forgot my manner, since you don’t remember me, I’m Jack Deveins, the world’s greatest thief.” He said as he bowed and raised his hand in the air. Jack always thought he was the greatest thief because a lot of people said so, so he uses that title a lot. Jack straighten and turned around to let Alex get dress. Once he was finished Jack turned back to him. Alex was now wearing a black shirt with a brown over shirt; he also wore blue pants and brown travel boots. “All right then, let’s go.” Jack started to turn to the door but stopped, “Oh I forgot to give you this.” He said as he tossed Alex a foggy white crystal with wooden hands on it. “What is it?” he asked. “Brianna will tell you about it and more once we are that the place were going.” Alex tried to get up but his leg was still too sore to walk on. Jack caught him, “Mmm, this is going to be a problem.” He helped him up and supported up and then they were off.
“Captain we couldn’t find him.” Said Gavin. Nick gridded his teeth together. “CAPTAIN, Alex is missing now.” Said a guard that had rushed through the door. “WHAT, so that’s what he was after.” Nick said as he sulked in his chair. “I wonder where they are going?” he said looking out the window, “Well it looks like it’s going to rain and with Alex still injured, they aren’t going to make it far.” He stood up and walked to the window, “and the only way to the nearest town is through the forest.” Nick sighed, “We’ll search more when the storm is over.” He turned to the room full of guards, “Lock all gates and windows, it’s going to be a long and hard storm out there.” He turned back to the window with his hands behind his back, “Be careful….Alex”
“Dam, it’s raining.” Jack said as he looked up. “Then we shouldn’t be stopping then, right?” Jack looked at Alex then smiled, “Yeah your right.” Then kept going. “So where are we going?” Alex was getting sore from the walking and wanted to sit but since it is now raining, that wasn’t something they wanted to do. “We are going to the docks and sneaking on a ship to the Guardian Isle. Then we are going to Oakwood forest.” Jack explained as they made it on the boat without being seen, “Next stop, Guardian Isle; The land of Earth.”

Chapter 4
“Captain, we got a report that both Jack and Alex are heading to the Land of Earth on the Guardian Isle.” Said a guard. “Good, We can go there now and stay at an inn in town.” Nick said as he yawned. “Well you sound tried.” Gavin came into the room and shut the door as the guard left. Nick laughed a bit, “Well it has been a long day with all the stuff that has been going on.” Gavin leaned against the door with his arms crossed, “So how many people are going to retrieve to boys? Ay” He asked with a smirk on his face. Nick leaned against the wall in his chair as he put his feet up on the table and crossed one over the other, “Well you for sure but I have to stay here as much as I want to go.” There was a knock on the door, “Sir, we have another report.” Nick leaned off the wall and took his feet off the table. “Alright come in.” The guard had a piece of paper in his hands, “Here is a message from the King.” Nick grabbed the paper and read it with a glare on his face, “Shit!” He said as he grabbed his coat and rushed out the door. “Nick? Nick what is it? What’s wrong?” Gavin said as he rushed with Nick. “They are going after Alex and Jack; they know that they are on the island, The Guardian Isle.” Nick said with a scowl. Gavin grabbed hold of Nick’s shoulders, “I know a quicker way to get there.” And grabbed his arm and quickly lead him the way. “You mean the dragon?! I can’t fly that thing.” Gavin smiled back at him as they still ran, “But I can.” Nick cocked an eyebrow, “I still don’t want to ride that bloody dam well dragon.” Gavin laughed, “Well it is the quickest way to get there.” They came to a big steel door with large claw marks on it. They opened the door and a large ball of flames came to them, they dodged it just in time behind a big rock, “What do you meat sacks want now?” said the big gray angry dragon. Nick and Gavin came out from behind the rock, “We need you to take us to the Guardian Isle.” The dragon peer its large scaly head down and stared at them with its big yellow eyes, “Want if I don’t want to?” He said in a low voice. The dragons name was Koru and he was the only dragon on the fort. He had gray scales with big yellow eyes and horns that looked like ram horns and his voice was deep and loud. Koru had a bad temper and didn’t like any of the guards and especially Nick who he kept calling Pirate. Koru knew he could easily eat them all and fly away but he didn’t want to end up died or one of Masterminds puppets. Koru looked to Nick and back to Gavin, “Well, why should I? What business do you have that is so important that you had to bug me?” Gavin walked closer till Koru started to growl and puffed smoke from his nose. “We need to get 2 prisoners that escaped yesterday and if we don’t then Mastermind or the King will get to them 1st.” Koru laid down and yawned s he twitched his ears, “So? I’m not a dragon that just flies around and fetches prisoners who escape; there is something you aren’t telling me. ” He said as he swished his tail around. Gavin wiped sweat off his face, where Koru was kept was very hot and had a lot of rocks. “We believe that one of them is the son of Edger and Jane Green.” Koru stopped moving his tail, he didn’t even blink. “You know them, Koru, you know who they are?” Koru stood up and walked to a spot below a large hole in the roof, “Yes.” He said as he curled his tail, “I know them, they were the only person who I let ride me.” He sat down on his rump and looked up to the clouds, “When I was little, I was owned by the Carsions, I was there pet. I hated them all but I protected them, for my sake. All of those blond haired idiots treated me badly too, I was alone till one day, Jane was born. She was different from the rest of them. I protected her above everyone else. At 1st I didn’t like Edger but I tolerated him, after a while I grew to like so it didn’t bother me.” Koru looked down, “Then they had a son, he looked just like his mother and father. After a few years, they called me and said I could go free, I knew they didn’t want me involved with what was going on, they kept it a secret.” He turned back to Gavin, “Tell me the prisoner’s names or I shall not obey your command.” He said in his usually voice. “Their names are Jack Deveins and Alexander Winters.” The dragon huffed with anger, “NON OF THOSE NAMES ARE THE SON OF EDGER AND JANE!” Nick strode up to Koru, “He is the son of them, he has his mother’s hair and his father’s eyes. There is no mistaking that is he.” Nick pointed at Koru, “You have made a bond to the boy, you said you would protect him till the day you die. You would know if he has died or not.” Koru turned his head away, “There is another reason why you don’t want to go. Mastermind created you, he has a son, his son is Jack. You have a bond to them as well; you voided to kill his most prized possession, his son.” Koru stopped, “Yes that is the reason. His son has control over me.” Koru turned his head back to them again, “Fine, I’ll go but one thing.” He said as he knelt down so they could climb on, “I get to kill that bastard's son.” Nick and Gavin looked at each other
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