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 Transfer speeds in practice

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PostSubject: Transfer speeds in practice    Mon 10 Jan 2011, 3:35 pm

Transfer speeds in practice
As of 2004, the actual throughput of USB 2.0 high bandwidth attained with a hard drive tested on a Mac was about 18 MiB/s, 30% of the maximum theoretical bulk data transfer rate of 60 MiB/s (480 Mbit/s). On Windows, the highest speed observed was 33 MiB/s, or 60% of the theoretical max. The drive could reach 58 MiB/s on Firewire, so the drive's speed was not a limiting factor.[58]
According to a USB-IF chairman, "at least 10 to 15 percent of the stated peak 60 MB/s (480 Mbit/s) of Hi-Speed USB goes to overhead — the communication protocol between the card and the peripheral. Overhead is a component of all connectivity standards."[59] Tables illustrating the transfer limits are shown in Chapter 5 of the USB spec.
Typical high bandwidth USB devices operate at lower data rates, often about 3 MiB/s overall, sometimes up to 10–20 MiB/s[citation needed]. For USB 1.1, an average transfer speed of 880 KiB/s has been observed.[citation needed]
For isochronous devices like audio streams, the bandwidth is constant, and reserved exclusively for a given device. The bus bandwidth therefore only has an effect on the number of channels that can be sent at a time, not the "speed" or latency of the transmission.

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Transfer speeds in practice
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