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  With C

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With C
For more details on this topic, see Compatibility of C and C++.
C++ is often considered to be a superset of C, but this is not strictly true.[21] Most C code can easily be made to compile correctly in C++, but there are a few differences that cause some valid C code to be invalid in C++, or to behave differently in C++.
One commonly encountered difference is that C allows implicit conversion from void* to other pointer types, but C++ does not. Another common portability issue is that C++ defines many new keywords, such as new and class, that may be used as identifiers (e.g. variable names) in a C program.
Some incompatibilities have been removed by the latest (C99) C standard, which now supports C++ features such as // comments and mixed declarations and code. On the other hand, C99 introduced a number of new features that C++ does not support, such as variable-length arrays, native complex-number types, designated initializers and compound literals.[22] However, at least some of the new C99 features will likely be included in the next version of the C++ standard, C++0x:[23][24]
C99 preprocessor(including variadic macros, wide/narrow literal concatenation, wider integer arithmetic)
long long

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With C
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