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 Prior to the creation of the telephone

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PostSubject: Prior to the creation of the telephone   Thu 13 Jan 2011, 10:00 am

Prior to the creation of the telephone, three developments were made in order to support the fundamentals of its functionality. These are the following: first is the comprehension and realization that an electrical current can create a magnetic field which helps in the development of acoustic energy. This was then established by Christian Oersted, a Danish physicist, in 1820. Second is the comprehension that the process of the first development can be reversed (magnetic field can create an electrical current). This was realized by Michael Faraday, an inventor, in 1821. Last development needed is the creation of battery which helps provide a continuous source of energy. The creation of battery was credited to two Dutchmen in the year 1746.

The telephone works through the interchange of two fields: electricity and acoustics. The principle of its operation is very simple. The speaker in the headset of the telephone has thin metal coating which is separated from an electrode by a plastic barrier. The electrode is connected to a wire which has a capability to carry electric current. When a person speaks through the speaker, the acoustic vibration of his/her speech pushes the thin metal coating near the electrode which results to the creation of vibration (in voltage) and then to electrical energy. The electrical energy is then sent to the telephone network and then to the other line of the phone (or the second phone). The speaker of the second phone allows the conversion of electrical energy into acoustic energy thus voice can be heard.
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Prior to the creation of the telephone
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