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 How to Boat Safely by Using Charts, Compasses and Anchors

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PostSubject: How to Boat Safely by Using Charts, Compasses and Anchors   Wed 19 Jan 2011, 3:40 am

Using Charts and Topographical Maps

Charts are graphic representations depicting water areas including depths, underwater hazards, traffic routes, aids to navigation and adjacent coastal areas. They are intended primarily for the use of mariners to assist in navigation.

Topographical Maps are maps of the land areas depicting natural and artificial features of the land, including elevation contours, shoreline, rocks, land features above water and cultural features. These maps are intended primarily for the use of the general public on the land. The topographical maps are sometimes used where there are no "charts" available but do not depict:

* underwater hazards

* marine aids to navigation

* channels, or

* anchorage areas

Using a Compass

It is important to know that using a magnetic compass will help the boater to find directions.

Also, it is important to know that a magnetic compass is influenced by the proximity of metallic and/or electrical devices and could provide false information.

Using Anchors

Anchoring is a safety option to consider in the following conditions:

* when severe weather threatens, or

* when a pleasure craft is disabled
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How to Boat Safely by Using Charts, Compasses and Anchors
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