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 My first character.

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PostSubject: My first character.   Tue 23 Feb 2010, 4:00 am

Class:Phoenix Guardian.

Appearance:Stands about 5"1 and has a wild untamed look about her right down to her clothing which is varying shades of brown and green her usual outfit consists of either a rough shirt made of whatever she has on hand and pants of same color and style and also sometimes a brown scarf binding her waist length unruly midnight blue hair out of her face and pale red eyes and a scar that is hidden by her clothes on her back.

Personality:Kind and considerate towards others but when someone is injured or hurt whether in small or big ways does her personality change from kind and sweet to calm and calculated in seeing where she can help the person the most in there healing processes and would stand between an enemy and another if they are hurt to the point they cannot fight anymore.

Power:Wind and Light.
Skills:Sewing,Cooking and other household chores and she also has some basic medical knowledge from books that others had given to her she isnt dumb either and can read and write.

History:Noel never really knew her parents because at an early age a fire had struck her parents home and sadly to say even for a child of three she exhibited an acute sense that allowed to sense when a person was injured but even that did not help her to prevent what was to happen.

It was a cold day in winter months her parents where part of a group that oppossed the current government that controlled the town through milateristic might instead of the normal peaceful methods so the end result was the fateful night when all Noel knew and cared for ceased to exist because of the greed of one group of people.

Since that day she was banished by the people of the village because the military leaders called both her and her parents witches and though they killed her parents they scarred her and then exiled her from the village with only the clothes on her back and her family name stripped from her.

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PostSubject: Re: My first character.   Tue 23 Feb 2010, 4:04 am

Approved ^^ *gives u a muffin*
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My first character.
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